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Product observability is a proactive, adaptive, and continuous approach to measuring the impact of what you build, and leveraging that data for future builds.

How does Statsig help with Product Observability?

Statsig is the premier product observability platform. We're passionate about democratizing experimentation, and giving every company the same experimentation and observability advantages as industry monoliths. To that end, we help our customers with:


Run multivariate experiments with ease and confidence. Faster decisions for faster iterations.

Statsig experiments allow experimenters to deliver consistent user experiences, ensuring that experiments are seamlessly isolated and users only see the experience you want them to see.

Experimentation through Statsig also delivers trustworthy results. Your team will be empowered with reliable insights to make great decisions every time, without having to triple-check across multiple silos.

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Make your product and business as observable as your distributed systems.

Turn actions into understanding with Statsig. From product views to checkout, let every user action convey meaning. Every experiment is an opportunity to facilitate loyalty and engagement.

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Analyze retention and funnels with our easy-to-understand charts and reporting. Create funnels to optimize user flow, and view them alongside feature releases with Statsig triangle charts.

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Dive deeper to understand which features are delivering the growth you're seeing.

With Statsig ultrasound, guess less and learn more. Separate the signal from the noise and double down on the features that outperform.

Get to the bottom of a downward-trending metric by looking back at the features that impacted the metric, as well as trade-offs associated with those features.

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Events Explorer

Use the Statsig Events Explorer to analyze your event log data in realtime. The Events Explorer supports a variety of queries against the data collected via SDKs or integrations.

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