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Evidence speaks louder than intuition. Statsig delivers the evidence you need to lead your team in the right direction.
Why Statsig
Quick Experiments For

Engineers & Product Managers

Automatically turn any feature roll-out into an experiment, with feature gates that show business impact so you can roll out 'confidently, every time

Data Scientists
Verifiable results trusted by

Data Scientists

Automate away tedious A/B test analyses to free up your time to focus on interpreting and leveraging experiment results to inform product roadmaps

Business Execs
360° view of business impact for

Business Executives

Understand how the features you launch impact your core product and business metrics in real-time


When most features fail, learn faster on what succeeds

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Connect with our data scientists and engineers, and ask questions or just hang out with other cool folks that believe in an experimentation culture!


The most trusted experimentation platform on Earth

Trustworthy Experiments

From ensuring consistent user experiences to delivering reliable results, trustworthy experiments are the foundation of your growth strategy. Our systems use trusted algorithms to compute your experiment results and enable you to export the raw data to replicate our results at any time.

Pace of Innovation

We release new capabilities each week so you can build all kinds of product ideas instead of worrying about building and fixing data pipelines. We obsess over data accuracy so you can focus on your growth. We relentlessly optimize our infrastructure to serve you insights in the most timely and intuitive fashion.

Enterprise-grade Performance, Reliability and Security

Our systems serve billions of user interactions per day and operate with 99.9% availability with built-in redundancy. Statsig is certified for the highest compliant standards in the industry to manage and secure your data.

Data-driven Insights for Everyone

We serve experiment results to every member of your team, from data scientists to product managers and engineers, handing each member the lens of a savvy decision-maker. Our transparent, usage-based pricing is designed for every member access this data, see the impact of what they build, and make reliable decisions with ease.


What others say about us

Anthony Hoang

Anthony Hoang

Head of Growth Engineering, Quilt
“At WeQuilt, we are building a new kind of social network and Statsig has removed the guesswork on what causes our business metrics to move on a daily basis. With Statsig, our team can now create experiments within minutes and get a full picture of how our users are responding at a speed like never before.”
Mengying Li

Mengying Li

Data Science Manager, Notion
“At Notion, we're continuously learning what our users value and want every team to run experiments to learn more. It’s also critical to maintain speed as a habit. Statsig's experimentation platform enables both this speed and learning for us.”
Joel Witten

Joel Witten

Head of Data, Rec Room
“Statsig has been a game changer for how we combine product development and A/B testing. It's made it a breeze to implement experiments with complex targeting logic and feel confident that we're getting back trusted results. It’s the first commercially available A/B testing tool that feels like it was built by people who really get product experimentation.”

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