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Stop endless product debates and expensive ship mistakes. Statsig helps you make the right decisions by vastly simplifying and automatically running 10x more tests to give you meaningful data insights.
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Fuel your growth with data

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Go beyond feature flags, ship impact

Features come and go, but your business metrics are here to stay. Pulse helps you identify the overall impact of any feature to your core business metrics before you launch.

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Run 10x more tests

Turn any feature into an A/B test, free and out-of-the-box. Let Statsig take care of running clean experiments and give you back results really really fast, using best-practices and data science techniques that power Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb.

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Arrive at causation, quickly

With features like Holdouts and rollout overlays, quickly debug and identify causes for your metric trends. Eliminate noise and double down only on what matters. 

Battle-tested by Facebook

Built by experienced ex-Facebook engineers, replicating the same infrastructure that powers 100s of teams to launch 1000s of features with precision. Bring the same modern development tools used by companies like Spotify, Airbnb and more to your teams and unleash their productivity, making them 10x faster.


SDKs, Integrations & Infra

Book time with us and one of our engineers will walk you through the product and answer any questions you might have for your specific needs and the steps needed for integration.

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Whatever tech you have, we've got an SDK for you. Check out our SDKs covering Javascript, iOS, Android, React, Go, Python, and more.

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We integrate with the tools you already use: from Segment, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and more.

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Spread across multiple geo-locations providing automatic failovers, Statsig brings enterprise-grade reliability and high availability to your tools.


Build. Measure. Ship, confidently!

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What others say about us

“As a product-driven company, Common Room helps our enterprise customers deepen engagement with their community. Statsig's product experimentation platform has enabled us to build the essential data  infrastructure foundation to make better product decisions so we can put the right product in the hands of our enterprise customers.”

Viraj Mody

Viraj Mody

Cofounder and CTO, Common Room

“Tavour helps Fill your fridge with unique, craft beers you can’t find locally. We chose to partner with Statsig because it gives Tavour best in class feature flag management combined with unparalleled A/B testing.”

Philip Vaughn

Philip Vaughn

Founder, Tavour

“We have been looking for a tool that can empower our engineers to run A/B tests more independently without having a big data infra + tooling team for a long time. Statsig came in at the perfect time, and we are now able to easily set up experiments and most of the analysis results just flow in automatically, which saves us tons of our data team's bandwidth to focus on more important initiatives.”

Xiaojie Zhang

Xiaojie Zhang

Engineering Manager, Clutter

“At WeQuilt, we are building a new kind of social network and Statsig has removed the guesswork on what causes our business metrics to move on a daily basis. With Statsig, our team can now create experiments within minutes and get a full picture of how our users are responding at a speed like never before.”

Anthony Hoang

Anthony Hoang

Head of Growth Engineering, Quilt

"In spite of the infinite cloud resources, prevailing analytics tools continue to inhibit the use of data for common product decisions that teams make every day. With their simple and modern product experimentation and decision-making platform, Statsig is already lifting its customers into a technical and cultural trajectory that will soon become the norm."


S Somasegar

Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group

"The Take App helps customers support thousands of restaurants in Southeast Asia. With Statsig, we set up A/B tests in minutes to test user experience changes, especially to test if advertising impacted purchase conversion. Results from Statsig helped us move with conviction on growing our revenue without impacting our users."

Youmin Kim

Youmin Kim

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