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Record all performance, latency, and cost metrics in a single place. Directly compare the performance of different models in head-to-head tests. Launch AI features confidently with feature gates.
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Launch AI-powered features confidently

Use feature gates to roll out new features, models, or prompts. Leverage progressive rollouts to test new variants and continuously push successful versions. Measure impact on every new feature launch, across all user metrics.

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Measure performance, cost, and latency in a single platform

Track user metrics, model inputs, and model outputs in one place. Unlock insights into tradeoffs between performance, cost, and latency.

AI 2

Experiment with every model and every parameter

Conduct head-to-head comparisons of model performance. Adjust all inputs to foundation model-powered applications, including model, prompt, temperature, and more. Experiment with any foundation model, in any application.

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Connect with our data scientists and engineers, and ask questions or just hang out with other cool folks that believe in an experimentation culture!

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What our customers say about us

“Statsig has enabled us to quickly understand the impact of the features we ship.”
Shannon Priem
Lead PM
“It has been a game changer to automate the manual lift typical to running experiments.”
Karandeep Anand
“Statsig's experimentation platform enables both speed and learning for us.”
Mengying Li
Data Science Manager
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