Product Management

Never nag your Data Science counterpart for experiment updates again with accessible experimentation, allowing teams to launch and learn 10x faster
Product Management

Measure everything

Automatically quantify the impact of every new feature you ship on your core product, performance, and business metrics with Pulse. Quantify the cumulative impact across multiple launches and experiments via Holdouts. Receive alerts when a new launch or experiment regresses your guardrail metrics beyond a pre-set threshold.

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Adhere to best practices, no extra effort needed

Make sure your team isn’t making an experiment call prematurely with a clear target duration tracker, based on the time needed for your experiment to reach proper power. If you just can’t wait to check in on results, enable Sequential Testing to avoid the Peeking Problem and invoking the wrath of your Data Science partners. :)

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Easily make OKRs a data-driven exercise

Never worry about sitting through a hand-wavey OKR review again by leveraging Holdouts. Add every product change and experiment to a team-wide holdout to see the cumulative impact over a Quarter/ Half of all initiatives your team has shipped.

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Shipping is a team sport

Invite team members to collaborate on features and create review workflows to follow your team’s best practices. Discuss experiment results inline with Discussions, or automate updates on launches and experiment milestones to forward to your team’s Slack.

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Self-serve your own understanding

See an experiment result that doesn’t make sense? Double-click on surprising results with Custom Queries, create new Custom Metrics to track more granular results in future launches, or pin charts to your own Dashboards to check in on daily.

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“Statsig takes away all the pre-work of doing experiments. It's really easy to setup, also it does all the analysis.”
Rei do pitaco
Elaine Tiburske
Data Scientist
“Having a dedicated Slack channel and support was really helpful for ramping up quickly.”
Michael Sheldon
Head of Data
“We knew upon seeing Statsig’s user interface that it was something a lot of teams could use.”
Laura Spencer
Chief of Staff
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