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It's Experimentation Week!

The week of July 15-19th, Statsig is shipping a new Experimentation-related feature every day.

Over the past few months, we’ve been building more advanced experimentation features and statistical methods, and we can’t wait to announce them. Tune into our LinkedIn or follow along on the website to get all the latest.

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Statsig Managed API Proxy

A large but little-known problem in experimentation and feature flagging is tracking blockers (like ad blockers, VPNs, and corporate firewalls).

These can end up blocking feature flags, experiments, and even runtime dynamic config data, resulting in bugs or the exclusion of users. This has a big impact on results - biasing tests and/or reducing statistical power.

We just rolled out a new feature to solve this problem: a managed API proxy. This gives you a unique URL to send and receive data to/from Statsig servers, which makes it way less likely to be intercepted by client-side or DNS-side blockers.

It's super easy to set up (literally one click) and available to all pro tier and enterprise customers.

Read our docs for full details:

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A New and Modern Home Experience

We are excited to introduce a redesigned Statsig Home experience that puts your most important information at your fingertips. Our goal is to make it easier for you to access key insights about your product and your Statsig project, all in one place. The new Home experience is customizable, allowing you to display up to three widgets at a time for a personalized view of your data and activities.


  • Recently Visited: Quickly jump back to the last places and entities you’ve visited in Statsig, making it easier to pick up where you left off without extensive searching.

  • Project Updates: Keep track of important changes like Feature Rollouts or new Experiment launches. This widget can be expanded to provide a detailed view of updates in your project, including Experiment and Feature release velocity. Stay on top of what’s new and what’s changing at a glance.

  • Recently Seen Users: Get a quick snapshot of new user growth over the last day, week, and month. Additionally, this widget provides a quick view into specific users recently seen in your product, which is particularly valuable for startups tracking new users onto their products.

  • More coming soon!: We will be adding new widgets that you can swap into your Home experience over time. Upcoming widgets include a dedicated Velocity widget to monitor project speed, a Billing widget to track your Statsig usage, and an Ingestions widget to keep tabs on your data imports.


You can now pin any existing Dashboard to your Home experience. This feature brings the most important data about your product front and center, ensuring you maintain a continuous sense of how your product, feature releases, or experiments are performing. By keeping key metrics in plain sight, you can make informed decisions faster.

The new Home experience will start rolling out today. As always, let us know what you think!

Home V3

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Improved Formula Support in Product Analytics

We’ve updated our formula functionality to make your product analytics explorations easier. Now, when you add a formula to a chart, all other series will be hidden by default. This helps you focus on the key results without distractions, making it simpler to analyze the specific data points you need. If you need to see the hidden series, simply click on them to unhide.

This change is especially useful when adding series to create percentages, as these values are often much smaller than the input series. Hiding the other series by default keeps your focus on the relevant percentage values.

You can also save charts or add them to dashboards with specific series hidden. This feature makes it easier to view and share the results of your formula-based explorations, keeping your visualizations clear and focused on the most relevant insights.

This feature is available now. We look forward to your feedback!

Improved Formula Mode

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User Management v2

We're excited to introduce our new Users view, providing a central place to understand and manage users at an individual level. This update brings several powerful features to help you learn about your users, debug issues, and manage their experience.

New Features:

  1. Event Log Stream:

    • View a dense, informative stream of user events in a table format.

    • Quickly drill down into individual events to see detailed logs, making it easier to understand user actions.

  2. Session Stream:

    • Organize events by user sessions to get a clear picture of user interactions.

    • Easily access session replays for a visual playback of user experiences, helping you see exactly how users navigate your product.

  3. Session Replays Tab:

    • View all saved recordings for a specific user in the Session Replays tab.

    • Great for diagnosing issues and understanding the reasons behind user behavior.

  4. Overrides Tab:

    • Simplified management of Feature Gate and Experiment overrides for any unit ID, including individual users or entire organizations.

    • Tailor the product experience at both individual and organizational levels.

  5. User Properties:

    • Get a quick snapshot of user properties, including email, country, operating system, and browser details.

    • Helps you understand your user base and their technical environment.

These new features provide broad and clear insights into user behavior, make troubleshooting easier, and simplify managing features. By viewing detailed user properties and organizing events by sessions, you can enhance profiling and better understand your user base. Start exploring the new Users view today to leverage these enhanced tools for better user understanding and management.


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Meta-analysis/Metric Correlation View

We're rolling out the second in a series of new views that enable meta-analysis across your corpus of experiments. This lets you visualize and scan for correlation across metrics.

Group 362

When to use it

Often the metric you want to move isn't very sensitive and takes a while to measure. It is helpful to find metrics that are more sensitive and faster to measure - and run experiments on this.

This view lets you plot two metrics on the same chart - each data point is an experiment's impact on them. You can quickly get a sense for whether the metrics tend to move together - or not. You can also remove outliers, filter down to a team's experiments or download the underlying dataset.

In this hypothetical example - "Checkouts" is the metric you want to move, but it's not very sensitive. "AddToCart" correlates well with "Checkouts", while "ViewItemDetail" doesn't.


Also see - Meta-analysis Experiment Timline View.

(Reach out in Slack if you'd like to get early access to this)

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One Sided Tests

A one-sided test or a one-tailed test, lets you test for a metric moving in only in one direction which you specify in advance. This tradeoff gives you additional sensitivity (or power). Learn more

Examples of this include testing for regressions in guardrail metrics and testing for a change in which only one direction has any meaningful business impact. e.g. You're less interested in detecting if new features reduce crash rates, but are very interested in learning if new features are increasing crash rates.


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WHN Statsig Table Lifecycle

Statsig will now automatically clean up temporary tables from jobs like custom queries and power analysis. From the experiment page, or when you make an experiment decision, you'll also get the option to drop the tables associated with that experiment - by default, you'll keep the result datasets.


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Dashboard Templates

We’re excited to roll out Dashboard Templates for product analytics. These templates let you quickly create customized dashboards for common use cases. These include Web Analytics, Product Growth, Feature Success, and B2B SaaS Metrics. More templates are coming soon!

What’s New with Dashboard Templates

Dashboards can take time to set up, especially the complicated ones. It's also common to want to view similar measures on different sets of input data. Now, with Dashboard Templates, you can pick a ready-made dashboards that fit your goal. Customize it with your own data and start analyzing right away.

How It Works

Navigate to the dashboard section, choose ‘Create’, and pick a templates that matches what you’re looking to track. If required, input a few relevant events and that's it!

Give Dashboard Templates a try today and see how simple they make it to get meaningful insights from your data.

Dashboard Templates

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Updated navigation on Statsig

Over the Seattle summer, you will see a refreshed new look on Statsig. Rolling out right now is a new navigation system that makes it easier to navigate the growing list of features. Reach out in Slack with feedback!

Statsig in 2024 is a far richer product than in 2021. We've added new product surfaces like Product Analytics and Session Replay. Experimentation has added features ranging from Meta-Analysis to Stratified Sampling. Feature flag creation lets you configure automated rollouts, ownership, and change approvers. The new look aims to keep Statsig friendly and easy to use even as we add this power. Stay tuned...


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Brex Brex
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At OpenAI, we want to iterate as fast as possible. Statsig enables us to grow, scale, and learn efficiently. Integrating experimentation with product analytics and feature flagging has been crucial for quickly understanding and addressing our users' top priorities.
Dave Cummings
Engineering Manager, ChatGPT
Brex's mission is to help businesses move fast. Statsig is now helping our engineers move fast. It has been a game changer to automate the manual lift typical to running experiments and has helped product teams ship the right features to their users quickly.
Karandeep Anand
At Notion, we're continuously learning what our users value and want every team to run experiments to learn more. It’s also critical to maintain speed as a habit. Statsig's experimentation platform enables both this speed and learning for us.
Mengying Li
Data Science Manager
We evaluated Optimizely, LaunchDarkly, Split, and Eppo, but ultimately selected Statsig due to its comprehensive end-to-end integration. We wanted a complete solution rather than a partial one, including everything from the stats engine to data ingestion.
Don Browning
SVP, Data & Platform Engineering
We only had so many analysts. Statsig provided the necessary tools to remove the bottleneck. I know that we are able to impact our key business metrics in a positive way with Statsig. We are definitely heading in the right direction with Statsig.
Partha Sarathi
Director of Engineering
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