The unifying data fabric for modern applications

Statsig serves as a unifying data fabric that connects the functionality you ship with the impact on your business. Performant, secure, and flexible, Statsig is deisgned to fit with your systems, processes, and people.

Performance at any scale

Evaluate feature gates and deploy experiments using in-memory configuration with no latency impact on your application. Scale experiments as your your application grows and run thousands of experiments with minimal effort.

Secure from the ground-up

Statsig meets the highest certification standards and complies with global data protection regulations to help reduce the compliance burden for your team and to keep your data safe.

Designed to serve any application

Whether you’re building client-side or server-side product improvements, Statsig’s experiments are designed to deliver the appropriate metrics for your use case. Create your own custom metrics or use Statsig’s auto-derived metrics to get started today.

Try Statsig Today

Explore Statsig’s smart feature gates with built-in A/B tests, or create an account instantly and start optimizing your web and mobile applications. You can also schedule a live demo or chat with us to design a custom package for your business.

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