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5 million monthly events

What you get

  • Unlimited Feature Gates
    With A/B Tests (Pulse Results)
  • Unlimited Autotune Experiments
    Let Statsig pick the winner
  • Unlimited Dynamic Configs
  • Unlimited Seats
    Bring your whole team over
  • Auto-derived & Custom Metrics
  • Change Logs
  • 2 Months Data Retention
  • Slack Support


as low as $0.03

Per 1,000 events, with volume discounts 1

All features in Developer, plus

  • Unlimited Experiments
    A/B/n Tests
  • Unlimited Holdouts
    Withold features to measure total cumulative impact
  • Unlimited Ultrasound
    Pick a metric and let Statsig show you how each feature impacts it
  • Change Reverts
  • 6 Months Data Retention
  • Slack + 1 Business Day Email Support



Annual, flexible pricing

Everything in Pro, plus

  • Unlimited Advanced Analytics
  • Change Review & Management
  • Org level team hierarchy
  • Directory-based Authentication
  • Role-based Access Control
  • 12 Months Data Retention
  • Slack + 4 Hour Email Support


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Unlimited Feature Gates
With A/B Tests (Pulse Results)
Unlimited Autotune Experiments
Let Statsig pick the winner
Unlimited Dynamic Configs
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Experiments
A/B/n Tests
Unlimited Holdouts
Withhold features to measure cumulative impact
Unlimited Ultrasound
Know how different features affect a selected metric
Change Logs
Change Reverts
Change Review & Approval Workflow
Unlimited Invitation to Team Members
Directory-based Authentication
Role-based Access Control
Experiment Review
Let our DS team help you make decisions
Data Retention
2 Months
6 Months
12 Months
Slack Support
Slack + 1 Business-day Email Support
Slack + 4 Hour Email Support


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6M Events / Month

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(Dev Tier: at 6M events)



(Pro Tier: at 6M events)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an event?

Statsig records an event when your application calls the Statsig SDK to check whether a user should be exposed to a feature gate or experiment, to log an event for a custom metric, or to check a dynamic config. Statsig drops duplicate exposure events for the same user on the client within a period of one hour. This avoids counting multiple events for exposure checks triggered by frequent React style re-rendering.

How do I get started with the Statsig Developer (Free) Tier?

When you create a Statsig account, you automatically start on the Statsig Developer Tier where you can log up to 5 million events every calendar month for no charge.

Can I roll over unused Developer Tier events into the next month?

No, if you don’t log as many events as the Developer Tier Limit in a given calendar month, the remaining balance doesn’t roll over to the next month. To maximize your Developer Tier benefits, we encourage you to log as many events as required to adequately capture the impact of the product improvements you’re testing.

What happens if I exceed the Developer Tier limit?

If you exceed the Developer Tier Limit, you start to accrue a charge at a tiered rate as described below. For a given month, you accrue a charge only for events that exceed the Developer Tier Limit that month.  Statsig alerts you via email when your usage exceeds the Developer Tier allowance using the email address that you used to create your Statsig account.

What are the Pro pricing discounts?

We like transparency and pricing should be no different. Our pricing is usage-based and is tiered. The more you use, the lower the per-event cost is. Here’s how we calculate your price based on number of events consumed per month.

Per month usage Developer / per 1000 events Pro / per 1000 events
up to 5M events Free $0.10
5-10M $0.075 $0.075
10-50M $0.05 $0.05
50-100M $0.03 $0.03
>100M Contact us Contact us

We also offer an additional discount if you go with a 12-month commitment.

When will Statsig charge me?

Statsig generates an invoice for the previous month at the beginning of each new month. When you wish to submit a payment for a given invoice, we accept your payment method via Stripe and charge the amount listed in the invoice that you wish to pay.

How do I upgrade from Developer to Pro or Enterprise Tier?

To upgrade to Pro or Enterprise Tier, navigate to your Project Settings page in the Statsig console at In the Tier Information section, click the Upgrade option for the tier you want to select.

How do I monitor my Developer Tier usage?

To monitor your service usage, navigate to the Project Settings and click on the Usage & Billing tab on the Statsig console at See our documentation for more details.


What others say about us

“At WeQuilt, we are building a new kind of social network and Statsig has removed the guesswork on what causes our business metrics to move on a daily basis. With Statsig, our team can now create experiments within minutes and get a full picture of how our users are responding at a speed like never before.”
Anthony Hoang

Anthony Hoang

Head of Growth Engineering, Quilt
“Tavour helps fill your fridge with unique, craft beers you can’t find locally. We chose to partner with Statsig because it gives Tavour best in class feature flag management combined with unparalleled A/B testing.”
Philip Vaughn

Philip Vaughn

Founder, Tavour

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