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Our pricing is simple, transparent and empowers everyone in your team/company to be data-driven.


Free Flags, Configs & Experiments
Use of flags & configs, plus 1M metered events per month
This plan includes
  • Unlimited Seats
  • Feature Flags
  • Feature Launch Impact Analytics
  • A/B/N Environments
  • User Targeting
  • Device & Environment Targeting
  • Staged Rollouts
  • Dynamic Configs
  • Cross-team Collaboration
  • Advanced Analytics - Custom Metrics/Queries
  • Holdouts
  • Rollout Alerts
  • Change Reviews


Advanced Experimentation & Analytics
Starting at $150/month
Up to 5M metered events per month included, $50/1M metered events after that
Everything in Developer, plus
  • Advanced Analytics - Custom Metrics/Queries
  • Holdouts
  • Rollout Alerts
  • Change Reviews
  • API Controls
  • Multi-armed Bandit Experimentation
  • Data Warehouse Imports
  • Unlimited Custom Enviroments
  • Exports via API
  • Outgoing Data Integrations
  • SSO & Access Controls


Experimentation & Analytics at Scale
Custom annual pricing
Volume discounts for large teams and enterprises
Everything in Pro, plus
  • Exports via API
  • Outgoing Data Integrations
  • SSO & Access Controls
  • Priority support
  • Event volume discounts
  • HIPAA-eligibility (BAA required)

Warehouse Native

Statsig in your Warehouse
Custom annual pricing
Annual contract aligned to your usage
This plan includes
  • Unlimited Seats
  • Feature Flags
  • Feature Launch Impact Analytics
  • A/B/n experimentation
  • Holdouts
  • Change Reviews
  • API Controls
  • SSO & Access Controls
  • Priority support
  • HiPAA-eligibility (BAA required)
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Compare Plans

No matter your needs, we have something that is ideal for you
Unlimited Seats
Bring your whole team over
Feature Flags
Analyze feature rollouts with Pulse Results
Multi-variate Experiments
A/B/n Tests
Dynamic Configs
Withhold features to measure cumulative impact
Change Logs
Change Reverts
Change Review & Approval Workflow
Cross-team Collaboration
Collaborate with your team on decisions
Autotune Experiments
Let Statsig pick the winning treatment using the multi-arm bandit algorithm
Insights for Metrics
Breakdown the impact of all experiments and features on a specific metric
Directory-based Authentication
Data Retention
6 Months
12 Months
Support Response
Slack Community
1 business day
4 business hours
99.99% Service SLA
Team-level Permissions
Enforce team-level permissions for reviews and approval flows
Organization & Project Management
Centrally manage all projects across your organization
Domain Assignment
Enable authentication flows based on your email domain
Export Data API
Export your Statsig exposure, events, and results on request
Accelerated Onboarding Sessions
Get in-depth technical support for rapid onboarding
Data Science Advisory & Experiment Reviews
Review your experiments with Statsig's data scientists
Customer Success Manager
Get a headstart with experts designated to your experimentation outcomes
Tailored Integration
Speak with Statsig engineering to solve your unique business needs
Flexible Payment Terms
Speak with Statsig sales to customize your payment plan

Statsig vs. the competition


Free, Forever
Start with a generous free tier up to 500M events per year
Unlimited Seats
Enable the entire team to leverage the tool
Unlimited MAU
No change in pricing based on MAU
Core Feature Flag Use Cases
Feature toggles, continuous delivery, testing in production, and more
SDKs for all major languages
Native support for most popular language libraries
Scheduled Rollouts
Incrementally release features over time.
Advanced Targeting
Target by attributes, Regex, dependencies, and more
No-Code Dynamic Configuration
Enable non-technical users to enter dynamic configuration values as simple name:value pairs, instead of requiring them to write code
Approval Flows
Avoid errors and ensure compliance with peer review for code changes in production
Feature Lifecycle Management
Controls to view and manage feature flags throughout the lifecycle, searchable, in one place
In-console collaboration
Discuss planned features in-console with comments and discussion threads
Multi-Environment Control
Ability to configure flag rules by environment, with custom review requirements by environment
API Controls
Manage Feature Flags via REST API


Consumption-based Pricing
Pay only for what you use on a per- event basis, with no MAU or seat limits
Turn Every Flag into an Experiment
Use partial rollouts to measure the impact of each feature before shipping, or progressive rollouts
All metrics behind every flag
See the impact of each feature rollout on all metrics
Persistent holdout groups help you measure the cumulative impact of changes

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Statsig?`

When you first sign up for Statsig, you automatically start on Statsig’s Developer Tier, which gives you free access to gates, configs, experimentation and analytics. On this plan, you get 1 million Metered Events (see definition below) every calendar month at no charge.

If you need more features or additional Metered Events, you can upgrade to our Pro or Enterprise tiers at any time. If you are using Statsig at scale, you can take advantage of the volume discounts offered as a part of Statsig’s Enterprise Tier.

What is Statsig’s pricing philosophy?

At Statsig, our pricing philosophy is to charge for features that 1) cost us money and 2) create value for our customers. Accordingly, we’ve chosen a usage-based pricing model, where users are charged for the events and exposures their applications sends to Statsig.

A good example of this pricing philosophy is how Statsig charges for Feature Gates. We provide users with the ability to toggle the calculation for Metric Lifts associated with their rollout on or off. By default we don’t charge customers for any exposures associated with 0 or 100% roll-outs. We would only charge a customer when they’ve togggled Metric Lifts on and when the gate is a partial roll-out (meaning there are valid Metric Lift computations).

How will Statsig charge?

Statsig bills customers based on the number of Metered Events they use. Metered Events are a subset of events which power analytics or metrics workflows. These workflows are compute & storage intensive.

The following types of events/ metrics are defined as “Metered Events":

  1. Exposure: When an application calls the Statsig SDK to check whether a user should be exposed to an experiment or a feature gate with Metric Lifts enabled.
  2. Log event: When an application calls the Statsig SDK to log an event or when an event is imported to Statsig from a 3rd party source (e.g. Segment)
  3. Ingested metric: When a pre-computed metric is ingested to Statsig from from a data warehouse
  4. Custom metric: When existing events or metrics are used to create a Custom Metric

Statsig dedupes exposure events for the same user and feature/experiment on our client SDKs (60m window; proxy for session duration) and server SDKs (1m window; proxy for user request handling).

Experiment checks that result in no allocation (e.g. the experiment hasn’t started, or has finished) or Feature Gates that have been disabled (fully shipped or abandoned with no rule evaluation) do not generate Metered Events.

By default, customers are able to include one event dimension (via Value field) with each log event for free. Customers are charged an additional log event for each additional dimension added.

What happens if I exceed my free events limit?

If you exceed the 1 million Developer Tier events limit, you’ll be shown a prompt to enter a credit card to upgrade to Statsig’s Pro tier.

If you want to stay on the Developer tier, gate and config targeting will continue to work, but Metric Lift computations will stop. You will be sent multiple warning notifications before Metric Lifts are no longer calculated.

What happens if I’m on the Pro Tier, and use more than 5M events per month?

Statsig’s Pro Tier includes 5 million Metered Events per month. Once you exceed this amount, you’ll be charged $0.05 per additional 1K events used within the month billing period. This overage fee will be included in your monthly bill, which will be charged to the credit card on file.

If you want to lower your bill, you can switch to an Enterprise plan at any point. We offer significant volume discounts to Enterprise customers, dramatically reducing costs at scale. Reach out to our sales team at to learn more.

When will Statsig charge me?

On Statsig’s Pro tier, you will be charged a baseline fee of $150 per month at the start of each billing period. If you incur overages during a given billing period, those overages will be included in your bill for the next billing period.

For example, if your subscription begins on January 1, you will pay a $150 fee on January 1, and on the first day of each subsequent month. If you incur overages during the month of January, the overages will be included in your February 1 bill.

Enterprise customers are eligible for custom billing and payment terms.

How do I monitor my usage?

To monitor your usage, navigate to Project Settings and click on the “Usage & Billing” tab within your Statsig console at See our documentation for more details.

What our customers say about us

“Statsig's experimentation platform enables both speed and learning for us.”
Mengying Li
Data Science Manager
“Statsig has enabled us to quickly understand the impact of the features we ship.”
Shannon Priem
Lead PM
“It has been a game changer to automate the manual lift typical to running experiments.”
Karandeep Anand
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