Introducing Kong: Cross-Language Integration Testing

Kong is our Typescript-based write-once-run on every SDK framework. “Write once, run anywhere” is always a dream for programmers, and now we have just that!

Tore Hanssen | November 2022

Why Motion’s Head of Engineering Replaced LaunchDarkly with Statsig

LaunchDarkly was mandatory for every new feature in Motion’s backend, web app, and Chrome extension. "It was obvious this was a huge mistake."

The Statsig Team | November 2022

San Francisco Data Meetup, hosted by Statsig (Recap)

Last Tuesday, Statsig brought a cadre of data science and experimentation fans together at a loft space in San Francisco for the first-ever Data Science Meetup.

John Wilke | November 2022

Product Experimentation Best Practices

Well-designed experimentation is the first step in creating a rollout structure that consistently delivers optimal results—whatever they may be.

Maggie Stewart | October 2022

A/B Testing and Experimentation in the Obama 2008 and 2012 Campaigns

Using data and experimentation, the Obama 2012 campaign generated over one billion dollars in donations, nearly $700,000,000 of which were online.

Jack Virag | October 2022

My Recruiting Journey to Statsig

It’s only my first week yet, but each day I am more and more impressed by the team’s velocity, excitement, and transparency, and feeling more sure that I’ve made the right decision for /me/.

Alison Shin | October 2022

I moved to Seattle for in-person work, and now I'm WFH again

When I joined Statsig, one of the big appeals was the in-person experience. I even moved from Denver to Seattle specifically to go into the office.

Emma Dahl | October 2022

When to use a Feature Gate

Some people argue that you should always use a Feature Gate, including for big new features, despite potentially exposing end users to bugs for longer periods of time.

Tore Hanssen | October 2022

Sequential Testing on Statsig

We recently released Sequential Testing on Statsig, a much-requested feature that solves the “peeking problem” and shows valid results even when checking on an experiment early.

Maggie Stewart | October 2022

The Importance of Design in B2B SaaS

B2B Saas design is becoming extremely important recently, with enterprise customers expecting to be delighted by the look and feel of the products that they’re using.

Geunbae "GB" Lee | September 2022

Expectation vs. Reality, Startup Edition

I’ve just wrapped my first year at Statsig, so it’s a fitting time for a retrospective on expectations versus reality.

Emma Dahl | September 2022

5 features to 10x experiment velocity

Many companies want to 10x their experimentation velocity. Here are 5 techniques from sophisticated experimenters that help you do this.

Vineeth Madhusudanan | September 2022

Statsig—Now With Your Warehouse

You can now use Statsig on top of your existing data, giving you experiment results, feature gate measurement, and diagnostics on the events your team is already using.

Craig Sexauer | September 2022

My Summer as a Statsig Intern

This summer I had the pleasure of joining Statsig as their first-ever product design intern. I was still working on building my proficiency with Figma.

Ria Rajan | August 2022

Long-live the 95% Confidence Interval

The 95% confidence interval currently dominates online and scientific experimentation; it always has. Yet it’s validity and usefulness is often questioned.

Tim Chan | August 2022

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