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Ship faster and more confidently with a 360° view of your rollout’s impact on business metrics. Get started with free feature flags and engineer for growth today.
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Data is the most trustworthy decision-maker

With Statsig, your results do the heavy lifting. The insights that you collect from your experiments become the basis upon which you build. When every feature and configuration is an experiment, you're always optimizing

Results you can trust

Empower your team to with reliable insights to make the right decisions for your business every time.

Experiment results

Endless possibilities, definitive outcomes

Got a hunch? Considering different rollout options? Run unlimited A/B/n tests at scale and always find the optimal configuration.

A/B/n Test

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Connect with our data scientists and engineers, and ask questions or just hang out with other cool folks that believe in an experimentation culture!

The benefits of experimentation

Most trusted feature flagging tool

Consistent UX Deliver consistent user experience

Ensure that each user sees the experience you want them to see, whether they’re logged into your application or not.

Data Science Build conviction based on evidence

Statsig highlights statistically significant shifts across all your metrics for for each experiment. Raise the bar with confidence.

Experiment Turn every rollout into an A/B test

Any partial rollout to a set of equivalent users is enough for an A/B test. Using Statsig feature gates to roll out new features gives you observability into the impact your rollout has.

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What our customers say about us

Customer Stories
“Statsig gives Tavour best in class feature flag management combined with unparalleled A/B testing.”
Philip Vaughn
“We finally found a product that moves just as fast as we do and have been super impressed with how closely our teams collaborate.”
Rami Khalaf
Product Engineering Manager
“Statsig has been a game changer for how we combine product development and A/B testing.”
Joel Witten
Head of Data
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