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Statsig’s modern and trusted experimentation platform automatically identifies which features are causing product metrics to move. This allows teams to focus on building great products without incurring the cost of manually setting up experiments and waiting for results. There is no other platform that makes your teams move faster. Period.
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People who believe in our mission

Mike Vernal

Mike Vernal

Partner, Sequoia Capital
“Statsig is going to be a transformational product for most technology companies. It enables product teams to operate quickly and decisively in a decentralized way by understanding the impact of the changes they are shipping. We’re thrilled to partner with Vijaye and team as they transform how companies build products and enable product-led growth.”
S. Somasegar

S. Somasegar

Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group
“Data is the incredible bridge bringing teams together to quickly respond to customers and to answer key business questions. Unfortunately, organizations still spend a lot of time wrangling data to make sense of it. In spite of the infinite cloud resources, prevailing analytics tools continue to inhibit the use of data for common product decisions that teams make every day. With their simple and modern product experimentation and decision-making platform,  Statsig is already lifting its customers into a technical and cultural trajectory that will soon become the norm.”


Making faster product decisions is key to growth

Vijaye Raji
“At Facebook, we empowered every engineer to make faster, better decisions with fully automated A/B tests and tools such as Gatekeeper, Quick Experiments and Deltoid. Our goal at Statsig is to put the same capabilities in the hands of every product team so they can make faster, data-informed decisions and build remarkable products.”

Vijaye Raji

Founder & CEO, Statsig


We're in Bellevue, WA

Kirland, WA
Our office started out in the beautiful city of Kirkland , and after growing fast for a year, and running out space in that little office, we packed up and moved to our now spacious office in Bellevue, WA. Read all about our startup journey in GB's fantastic blog here .


People that have contributed to our product

Anthony Hoang
Kushal Shah Chavan
Youmin Kim
Matthew Tole
Common Room
Jacob Hurwitz
Common Room
Xiaojie Zhang
Stephen Day
Pablo Baxter
Natalie Heard
Bilal Quadri
Alex Kyrych


What others say about us

Rami Khalaf

Rami Khalaf

Product Engineering Manager, Whatnot
“Excited to bring Statsig to Whatnot! We finally found a product that moves just as fast as we do and have been super impressed with how closely our teams collaborate.”
Raymond Lou

Raymond Lou

Product Director, Understood
“The Understood team chose Statsig for its fast integration and quick setup, which allows us to run more experiments and gives us confidence in data informed decision making.”
Bilal Quadri

Bilal Quadri

CTO & Cofounder, Zoya Finance
“...There's no way to ship things fast, safely without feature flags. ... The ability to conduct experiments, of course, is where feature flags shine the most. Statsig is a relatively new player in the space, but the team's responsiveness to feature requests and questions is what won us over.”

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