Customer Stories

Discover why customers love Statsig and use our service to power their experiments, features, rollouts, and even their companies' cultures.
Statsig customers

Parafin's experimentation goes from 0 to 1, scaling a hypothesis-led culture

Parafin started self-serving with Statsig, built on their wins, and expanded their investments in experimentation to directly impact revenue growth

Notion drives product-led growth, empowering users to do their best work

How Notion is transforming the way organizations work by maximizing collaboration and productivity

Cider scales trendy and affordable Gen-Z fashion in 160+ countries

How Cider leveraged experimentation to build a data-centric digital-first fashion brand and gain a competitive edge in the e-commerce world

How Lime is shaping the future of sustainable and shared mobility

Empowering rider growth: Lime's top-line expansion powered by Statsig, shaping the future of sustainable shared mobility

OfferUp connects local communities with its mobile-first experience

In the age of online retail giants and impersonal transactions, OfferUp provides a breath of fresh air

How Ancestry powers next-generation technology with Statsig

Ancestry needed to increase experimentation velocity without manual custom queries and measure the long-term effects across the entire product ecosystem

How Swimply increases bookings by 20% with Statsig

Swimply is a growing Saas startup that needed to conduct quick and easy tests with minimal setup

How Rei do Pitaco is putting sports in every household

The way people consume content has fundamentally changed. Rei do Pitaco understands this

How Tempo democratizes fitness

Tempo leverages experimentation behind all of its feature launches to deliver the best home fitness experience possible

Plex empowers human connection

Plex uses Statsig to 10x experimentation power and create an experimentation culture

Whatnot accelerates its release cycles

Whatnot needed a solution that could enable their engineering team to move quickly

Rec Room launches critical features

Rec Room wanted to ship features and close the loop on building, measuring, and learning. Statsig helps measure KPI impact from product changes

Tavour achieves surprising results

Tavour wanted to ship a simple feature, address autocomplete. What they saw after launching was completely unexpected

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