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Battle-tested by Facebook

Built by experienced ex-Facebook engineers, replicating the same infrastructure that powers 100s of teams to launch 1000s of features with precision. Bring the same modern development tools used by companies like Spotify , Airbnb and Uber , to your teams and unleash their productivity, making them 10x faster.

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  • Pulse shows you how your features impact your product's core metrics before they are launched.
  • Pulse can track precise statistical changes across 100s of A/B tests between test and control groups.
  • It shows how each feature would impact the company's core business metrics such as daily active users (DAU), retention, engagement, time-spent, transactions, and revenue. It also tracks relevant team metrics such as page views, shares, interactions, and any customizable guardrail metrics.
  • Everyone on the team - engineers, data scientists, product managers, designers, researchers and business leaders can view the same source of truth to make the right product decisions.
A/B test flow

A/B Tests

  • A/B testing is the scientific gold standard for understanding causality. Also known as split or bucket tests, A/B tests pinpoint what changes cause which effects.
  • Once you set up Feature Gates, Statsig automatically calculates statistically significant test and control groups with randomly-selected users, labeled A & B. The test group sees a new feature while the control group sees the existing experience.
  • Statsig's out-of-the-box A/B testing results put the power of industry leading experimentation platforms used at Facebook, Airbnb and Uber at your fingertips.

Build. Measure. Ship, confidently!

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  • Understand the collective impact of multiple features over the long term with Holdouts.
  • Just pick the size of your control set of users, and let Statsig take care of everything else.
  • Pulse will sync with your Holdout and automatically show the impact of all selected features compared to the baseline, with no additional configuration or code.
  • You can also create 'global' holdouts to include all new features in the holdout comparison.

Reliable & Scalable Infra

  • Statsig brings enterprise grade reliability and high availability to your tools. The service is spread across multiple regions, with three-way redundancy across regions and availability zones on AWS and Azure to ensure that it never goes down. You can rest easy with your product relying on rock-solid infra.
  • Statsig's SDKs are resilient against last-mile network issues and perform most of the heavy-lifting on the client-side, ensuring decisions are made instantaneously, without a server round-trip.

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