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“At WeQuilt, we are building a new kind of social network and Statsig has removed the guesswork on what causes our business metrics to move on a daily basis. With Statsig, our team can now create experiments within minutes and get a full picture of how our users are responding at a speed like never before.”
Anthony Hoang

Anthony Hoang

Head of Growth Engineering, Quilt
“Tavour helps fill your fridge with unique, craft beers you can’t find locally. We chose to partner with Statsig because it gives Tavour best in class feature flag management combined with unparalleled A/B testing.”
Philip Vaughn

Philip Vaughn

Founder, Tavour


Serves everyone in the company



5 million monthly events

What you get

  • Unlimited Feature Gates
    With A/B Tests (Pulse Results)
  • Unlimited Autotune Experiments
    Let Statsig pick the winner
  • Unlimited Dynamic Configs
  • Unlimited Seats
    Bring your whole team over
  • Auto-derived & Custom Metrics
  • Change Logs
  • 2 Months Data Retention
  • Slack Support


as low as $0.03

Per 1,000 events, with volume discounts 1

All features in Developer, plus

  • Unlimited Experiments
    A/B/n Tests
  • Unlimited Holdouts
    Withold features to measure total cumulative impact
  • Unlimited Ultrasound
    Pick a metric and let Statsig show you how each feature impacts it
  • Change Reverts
  • 6 Months Data Retention
  • Slack + 1 Business Day Email Support



Annual, flexible pricing

Everything in Pro, plus

  • Unlimited Advanced Analytics
  • Change Review & Management
  • Org level team hierarchy
  • Directory-based Authentication
  • Role-based Access Control
  • 12 Months Data Retention
  • Slack + 4 Hour Email Support


A data powered approach to growth


Transform feature management

Statsig automatically runs an A/B test for each feature gate so you can validate the feature’s impact on customer behavior and application usage. Never again fly blind on how a new feature will perform.


Get end-to-end observability

Statsig gives your a 360° view of your business, from the systems of development to the systems of record. For the first time, you can answer any question about your business, whether it’s about your systems or your users.


Make growth your superpower

Statsig enables you to make growth a fundamental capability of your business. With Statsig, you can 10x the number of experiments you run, and 10x the number of successful features you deliver.

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