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Feature Flag Launch
Everyone should be using feature flags. That's why we made them free!

Built for developers, by developers

Modern feature flags, rollouts, and configs for your whole team. Say goodbye to free trials, seat-based pricing and the hassle of maintaining in-house tools

Feature gates for any application

Control releases in production for any front-end, middleware or back-end features within seconds. Statsig SDKs are architected to eliminate gate-check latency, so you can deliver the best experience to your customers with any technology, at any scale.

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Feature Flags

Why code when you can configure?

Replace hardcoded values in your application with configuration parameters that you can change any time and automatically customize your app experience with minimal effort. Include any property across your client-side and server-side code in your dynamic config to control your app’s behavior in near real-time.

Learn More About Dynamic Configs

Collaborate with ease

Organize your features into projects and environments, invite team members to collaborate on features, and create review workflows to follow your team’s best practices.


Join our Experimentation Community on

Connect with our data scientists and engineers, and ask questions or just hang out with other cool folks that believe in an experimentation culture!

Say goodbye to seat-based pricing

We believe teams should collaborate freely at scale, not argue over who gets a login. Do more with pricing aligned to your usage.


Free Flags, Configs & Experiments
Use of flags & configs, plus 1M metered events per month
This plan includes
  • Unlimited Seats
  • Feature Flags
  • Feature Launch Impact Analytics
  • A/B/N Environments
  • User Targeting
  • Device & Environment Targeting
  • Staged Rollouts
  • Dynamic Configs
  • Cross-team Collaboration
  • Advanced Analytics - Custom Metrics/Queries
  • Holdouts
  • Rollout Alerts
  • Change Reviews


Advanced Experimentation & Analytics
Starting at $150/month
Up to 5M metered events per month included, $50/1M metered events after that
Everything in Developer, plus
  • Advanced Analytics - Custom Metrics/Queries
  • Holdouts
  • Rollout Alerts
  • Change Reviews
  • API Controls
  • Multi-armed Bandit Experimentation
  • Data Warehouse Imports
  • Unlimited Custom Enviroments
  • Exports via API
  • Outgoing Data Integrations
  • SSO & Access Controls


Experimentation & Analytics at Scale
Custom annual pricing
Volume discounts for large teams and enterprises
Everything in Pro, plus
  • Exports via API
  • Outgoing Data Integrations
  • SSO & Access Controls
  • Priority support
  • Event volume discounts
  • HIPAA-eligibility (BAA required)

Warehouse Native

Statsig in your Warehouse
Custom annual pricing
Annual contract aligned to your usage
This plan includes
  • Unlimited Seats
  • Feature Flags
  • Feature Launch Impact Analytics
  • A/B/n experimentation
  • Holdouts
  • Change Reviews
  • API Controls
  • SSO & Access Controls
  • Priority support
  • HiPAA-eligibility (BAA required)

Examples from current Statsig customers

How much could you save with Statsig?

Your MAUs


Your Seats

You could see...

$27,600 - $32,000 in Annual Savings

* Based on competitive pricing index

Statsig vs. the competition


Free, Forever
Start with a generous free tier up to 500M events per year
Unlimited Seats
Enable the entire team to leverage the tool
Unlimited MAU
No change in pricing based on MAU
Core Feature Flag Use Cases
Feature toggles, continuous delivery, testing in production, and more
SDKs for all major languages
Native support for most popular language libraries
Scheduled Rollouts
Incrementally release features over time.
Advanced Targeting
Target by attributes, Regex, dependencies, and more
No-Code Dynamic Configuration
Enable non-technical users to enter dynamic configuration values as simple name:value pairs, instead of requiring them to write code
Approval Flows
Avoid errors and ensure compliance with peer review for code changes in production
Feature Lifecycle Management
Controls to view and manage feature flags throughout the lifecycle, searchable, in one place
In-console collaboration
Discuss planned features in-console with comments and discussion threads
Multi-Environment Control
Ability to configure flag rules by environment, with custom review requirements by environment
API Controls
Manage Feature Flags via REST API


Consumption-based Pricing
Pay only for what you use on a per- event basis, with no MAU or seat limits
Turn Every Flag into an Experiment
Use partial rollouts to measure the impact of each feature before shipping, or progressive rollouts
All metrics behind every flag
See the impact of each feature rollout on all metrics
Persistent holdout groups help you measure the cumulative impact of changes

Try Statsig Today

Easy to start, simple to collaborate. It's for your whole team!

What our customers say about us

“Statsig has enabled us to quickly understand the impact of the features we ship.”
Shannon Priem
Lead PM
“Statsig has been a game changer for how we combine product development and A/B testing.”
Joel Witten
Head of Data
“It has been a game changer to automate the manual lift typical to running experiments.”
Karandeep Anand
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