Your warehouse, our stats engine

Unmatched flexibility to increase experiment velocity. Use our stats engine for experiment analysis in your warehouse, leverage SDKs for end-to-end targeting and feature rollouts, or even integrate offline experiments as part of a hybrid solution
Statsig Warehouse Native
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A new, warehouse-native way to achieve statistical significance

In love with your flags and assignment tools? Add Statsig to your stack for end-to-end experimentation including targeting and feature rollouts with holdouts and layers

No extra overhead

Engineering teams can now liberally apply A/B testing on top of feature flags, with zero overhead. Statsig Warehouse Native provides a fast, responsive, and modular stats engine for experimentation analysis directly in your data warehouse

Save time

Make updates to experiments and recover from mistakes in less than 20 minutes, instead of waiting 20+ hours for revised results using other experimentation engines. Run experiment analyses in a matter of minutes

Hybrid solutions supported

Use Statsig for experiment analysis, leverage SDKs for end-to-end targeting and feature rollouts with holdouts and layers, or import offline experiments as part of a hybrid solution. Statsig meets you halfway, wherever that may be

Powerful experiment analysis alongside your existing infrastructure

Run impactful experiment analysis by integrating Statsig directly with your data warehouse. View statistically significant shifts across all your metrics and make decisions with confidence

Advanced features, warehouse native

Wield the power of CUPED, sequential analysis, integrated SDKs that support KPI measurement (even with partial rollouts), Holdouts, Layers, account-based controls, and more - all with your own data warehouse
Advanced features, warehouse native

10x your experimentation velocity

Build a culture of experimentation by making data more accessible. Empower team members with a modern UI, collaboration tools, and the most advanced stats engine on the market. We treat your imported data the same as SDK data
10x your experimentation velocity

Quick and easy set-up

Once you have your connection details on hand, it takes less than 5 minutes to set up. We ingest raw events, pre-computed metrics, and exposure events—keeping imported data in sync so you don’t have to
Quick and easy set-up

Add experimentation to your existing feature flag tools

Looking to add experiment analysis on top of your existing stack? Run Statsig alongside your existing feature flag infrastructure (yes, even LaunchDarkly) to unlock visibility into statistically significant shifts across metrics. Enable your team to make data-driven product decisions fast
Add experimentation to your existing feature flag tools

Integrates seamlessly with the rest of your stack

  • Snowflake
  • BigQuery
  • Segment
  • Redshift
  • Databricks
  • and more
Integrates seamlessly with the rest of your stack
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What our customers love

Product Observability combines experimentation with real-time analytics to give you a 360° view of your product and business. For the first time, you can see which features are driving your business core metrics
Experiment like the pros

Advanced stats engine

Run multivariate experiments with ease. We also support sequential testing, and CUPED

Customization options

Customize metrics with filters, ratios, and conversions. Slice & dice experiment results for accurate decisions

Data visualizations

Powerful no-code visualizations, and meta-analysis with insights and dashboard tools

Support and documentation

A robust docs library with hands-on onboarding and support from true experts

Teamwork made easy

Collaboration features built directly into the console, with customizable role privileges

Pricing aligned with usage

Statsig uses an event-based pricing model with no limitations on seats, flags, or environments

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What our customers say about us

“We knew upon seeing Statsig’s user interface that it was something a lot of teams could use.”
Laura Spencer
Chief of Staff
“We realized that Statsig was investing in the right areas that will benefit us in the long-term.”
Omar Guenena
Engineering Manager
“Statsig is my most recommended product for PMs.”
Bright Data
Erez Naveh
VP of Product
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