Fastly x Statsig: Experimentation at the edge

Tue Jul 25 2023

Quinn Gilbert

Software Engineer, Statsig


Fastly is a leading-edge cloud platform with a global network of centers strategically located around the world. Offering unparalleled security features, Fastly ensures robust protection for online assets, making it a top choice for delivering fast and secure content to users across the globe.


Statsig is the leading experimentation and feature management platform helping businesses use data to move faster and build better products. Statsig goes beyond measuring events and clicks and empowers teams to easily see which feature releases drive core business metrics.

Statsig + Fastly integration

With the new Fastly integration at Statsig, customers can call our API using data stored in Fastly’s globally distributed edge network. Calls to our API from services hosted on Fastly will go directly through Fastly to access Statsig data stored at the edge. This keeps latency from API calls down to an absolute minimum.

Teams leveraging both platforms experience a reduction in serverless cold-start times and a greatly improved end-user experience.

How it works

Configuring Statsig for Fastly is simple:

1. Pass in your Fastly information on our Integrations page at Statsig (You may need to create an API key and config store on Fastly)

fastly api key modal

2. Add the Fastly data adapter to your Statsig SDK (for more info, check out this guide).

fastly data adapter guide

After that, we will automatically upload your Statsig configuration data to your Fastly storage, and keep it synced. Anytime you use our SDK to check a gate, your application will use this data stored in Fastly!

For more instructions on setup and configuration, check out the Fastly integration documentation.

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Statsig at the edge

Fastly is the third integration that we’ve set up to work with Statsig at the edge, giving our customers a variety of options working at the edge (see our integration with Vercel or Cloudflare). All of our integrations are synced every ten seconds to make sure that the data is always current (though depending on the provider it may take time to propagate).

We’ve also recently helped overcome the storage limit edge providers set by allowing customers to filter what information is stored at the edge based on which target application the gates will be used by. With this tool, our customers should be able to use a large number of gates for applications that require ultra-low latency without exceeding the storage limits set by providers.

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