Branding update: Introducing Statsig’s new visual identity

Tue Aug 08 2023

Audrey Easley

Brand Designer

Statsig was founded 2.5 years ago.

A short amount of time in the corporate world, but a lengthy journey when measured by the number of customers, features, and employees we’ve added.

What started as a cutting-edge way to manage A/B tests and experiments has evolved into an essential suite of tools leveraged by companies of all sizes and scopes of experiment sophistication. As with all transformative companies, we ourselves evolved as well.

new color palette

The importance of a brand’s visual identity is arguably correlated with the number of users that will view it. For instance, content for your Instagram story is not subject to anywhere near the level of scrutiny of a television advertisement.

As Statsig grew, gaining more and more customers, website visitors, and fans, we started to seriously consider the impact of our brand:

  • What principles would we like to convey?

  • What are we doing to provide a consistent experience with the brand?

  • Is our brand recognizable across all media and surfaces?

  • What do we want people to feel when interacting with Statsig?

With our new look and feel, we hope to express some of the sentiments exposed by these questions.

statsig typefaces

Introducing our new brand

We’re excited to share our new visual identity! You may have already seen glimpses on our Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

statsig layouts

We wanted to accurately portray what Statsig stands for: A fun, experimental, and communicative company that users can actually trust. To express this, we carefully selected new colors, typography, illustration, layout components, and iconography that resonate with our overarching message.

statsig new brand ads on screens

The brand sets all standards and expectations for color, fonts, illustrations, logos, structures, etc., which will continue to evolve over the years. Our team has designated a brand library with all these elements, which provides a visual standard for all assets and collateral published by the rest of the company.

statsig mockups

Statsig has already started to adopt the new branding in various channels (marketing materials, sales etc). We’re excited to have a more thoughtful approach to how we represent the company in the world through these means. Over time, we’ll continue to work on making more changes to places like our website and many future media within which we express ourselves.

statsig isometric assets

To infinity…

We’re excited to work with the new Statsig brand, and to experiment our way through how we better communicate our product, our values, story, and mission. As we continue to grow, you can count on us to take our learnings and continue to evolve our brand as it is experienced through product announcements, events, our website, and so on.

statsig swag mockup

Special shoutout to the entire brand design team for pulling off such an incredible rebranding. I’d like to acknowledge the months of hard work, continuous reiterations, brainstorms, and even some all-nighters, which ultimately resulted in Statsig having a stellar visual identity.

As the years go on, we continue to push for a brand that our users can trust. When you engage with us—whatever the context—you know the result will be…well, Statsig.

new statsig logo and colors


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