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Thu Jun 03 2021

Kirkland is a beautiful city in the suburbs of Seattle, nestled on the north-eastern side of Lake Washington. Though there are lots of remarkable things about this city, including the fact that it was the original home of Seattle Seahawks, Kirkland gets its fame as being the birthplace of Costco, and is the namesake for its popular Kirkland Signature brand.

When we gathered the founding team together in Fall of 2020, we felt that in the early days of Statsig a lot of product evolution will happen organically. So, we thought it would be good to have people in person to encourage serendipitous white-boarding which while possible, is very hard to recreate in a fully remote environment.

As we looked for an office to lease, we had a few criteria in mind:

  1. The office should be centrally located and commute times from surrounding residential areas should be reasonable
  2. The building should be new(er) and not run down, with ample parking
  3. The office should reflect our company’s values of openness and transparency — meaning open floor with no cubicles or doors

We had a few choices to pick from, and our current office in Kirkland naturally bubbled up to the top because in addition to checking all the criteria, the office had tons of windows, a huge white-wall that we converted to white-boards, and also happened to be in the same corridor as Burgermaster and the very first Microsoft office in the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to all this, the Pacific Northwest is home to a vibrant startup ecosystem, and Kirkland enjoys an unbeatable proximity to tech giants like Amazon (Seattle/Bellevue), Microsoft (Redmond), Google (Seattle/Kirkland), Facebook (Seattle/Bellevue), and more.

Here’s a slice of the day at our office. It’s really refreshing to hang out with likeminded people working on a common mission.

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