On-Demand Learning Lab: Leveraging feature flags to enrich your Machine Learning model

Wed Mar 29 2023

Morgan Scalzo

Community and Event Manager

This month kicked off our newest virtual event offering—Learning Labs. 🎉 This channel gives users a unique opportunity to dive deep into a niche topic and get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to implement a workflow into their current testing program.

If you’re interested in weaving machine learning into your feature flag infrastructure you’ll get insight into how this can be done within the Statsig console.

Learning Lab video: Leveraging feature flags to enrich your machine learning model

About this virtual meetup:

Level up your existing feature flag infrastructure with ML. Tyler VanHaren, Software Engineer at Statsig, walks through how to harness the power of machine learning with feature flags. We will cover how ML can be used to complement your current testing program as well as show how you can leverage feature flags to enrich your ML model. Enjoy this on-demand viewing and we hope you can join us live in the future!

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