Quality Week at Statsig

Joe Zeng
Wed Oct 13 2021

This week at Statsig we’re partaking in a quarterly tradition of “quality week”, where we elevate the priority of non-roadmap items. Quality weeks are an important time for us as a company to nail down UX and improve our systems. Here are some items we’re prioritizing this week:

Photo by Luke Besley on Unsplash

Product Polish

Our console is a surface that our customers interact with daily and it’s important that we nail the user experience. Our designer GB established a design system at Statsig that’s constantly iterating to improve our product. This week is a time to take a pass on the surface and apply any polish.

Splitting out pass/fail events in the exposures chart
Updated list view for feature gates


Statsig is built for builders by builders, and documentation is core to delivering a great developer experience. We use Docusaurus for our docs page to leverage its features such as doc search, versioning, and dark mode. Great documentation is a constant effort and having quality weeks help us ensure that our quality is up to par and developers are getting the best integration experience.


Reliable infrastructure is key to building a successful SaaS business. We’re constantly looking to improve our infrastructure and quality week gives us time to take a deeper look and make improvements that otherwise may not have been prioritized. This week, we’ve already seen resource utilization wins from optimizing our Kubernetes pod topology spread constraints and resource requests, in addition to other wins in reliability, security, and performance.


Great tooling can enable our team to move faster, gain insights and make fewer mistakes. As Statsig grows and more processes appear, we’ve been minimizing operational burden through great internal tools. This week we’ve already seen improvements in our deployment process and added internal tools to gain more insight into the business.

We’ll be hard at work polishing up our product and making our systems smoother this week! What quality items does your organization prioritize?

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