How 5 Letters Changed my Work Life

Tue Feb 15 2022

Sami Springman

Sales Development Rep, Statsig

From recent college grad to coworkers and friends with the best engineers in tech.

I joined Statsig as the second-ever salesperson. In line with the common characteristics of a salesperson, I am outgoing, personable, and very very extroverted.

One of my biggest concerns I expressed to my friend and colleague before starting was, “Emma…what if I’m TOO loud and none of the engineers will want to get to know me?!” The open floor concept of the office allows for brilliant collaboration but also for my voice to ring amid people quietly coding.

I was nervous my first day to say the least! Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel confident for the future but I still wasn’t sure what an ex-Snowflake, recent graduate from a California university had in common with genius ex-Facebook software engineers.

Then I discovered Wordle.

For those who have yet to come across the website, it is a word-guessing game where you get 6 chances to guess the daily 5-letter word. Everyone gets the same word and you are able to share online how many chances it took you to guess the word. Seems simple enough but it is a brain teaser nonetheless.

During my first week in an attempt to make conversation, I asked some of the engineers if they’ve played Wordle. And of course being as puzzle-savvy and brainy as engineers are, they responded with a resounding “yes”. Immediately we began comparing strategies, fighting over which methods were better, and sharing articles on how having a strategy at all might be a fault.

This grew into a near-daily occurrence; I’d check in to see who’d completed their Wordle for the day, show my progress to see if anyone would give me a hint when I was really stuck, and vice versa. Some of us would make up our own Wordle words offline to keep the game going.

Barely any time passed before a Wordle Workplace chat was created so we could more easily share how many guesses each of us took. This simple game has become an office-wide tradition for breaking the ice across teams and tapping into our competitive sides. Might seem silly that an uncomplicated online puzzle jumpstarted many of my office friendships, but with the team I have I consider myself extremely L-U-C-K-Y.

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