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Tue Jul 13 2021

Geunbae "GB" Lee

Head of Design

A glimpse into the life of our startup

Since founding Statsig in February of 2021, we’ve been rapidly launching new features and growing our team. We currently have about a dozen employees with a few more that are joining in the next couple of months. So far, we’ve been having a ton of fun and it’s been awesome to see our customer numbers grow day by day.

Today, we’re sharing a peek inside how we spend our days at Statsig — it’s really awesome to be physically back in the office!

☕ Start off the day at the micro-kitchen

statsig office micro-kitchen

Morning coffee is an essential element to focusing and getting work done. Once we arrive at the office, we head over to the micro-kitchen to start the day off. Inside the micro-kitchen, we have all kinds of coffee machines, a refrigerator full of variety of drink selections and a rack full of snacks to choose from.

While most of us enjoy a cup of fresh coffee, there are also cereals, burritos, breakfast sandwiches, noodles and more. Almost all of the consumables are delivered from Costco on a weekly basis and flexible based on employee request.

👨‍💻 Focus until lunch

statsig employees working

Once we settle in and fire up our laptops, the focus mode begins. We pick back up on the work that we started on previous days or start to work on new feature work from our roadmap. Whenever there is customer feedback that gets reported through Github issues or through our Slack channel, we take it as one of the highest priority item to tackle.

Since we’re still at an early stage with a dozen people working together in a relatively smaller office than when we were at Facebook, there are less official meetings and more ad hoc conversations that help us to move faster with focus. We recently changed our communication tool from Microsoft Teams to Facebook Workplace which we’re all familiar with and love.

🥘 Eat lunch together

statsig employees eating lunch together

Every Sunday night or Monday morning at Statsig begins with selecting lunch and dinner menu through the Peach Delivery App. Each day at around noon, the Peach Delivery driver drops off our food that we individually selected through the app. On the Peach Delivery App, there are a wide variety of local restaurants to order from that alternate on a weekly basis. Recently, we started a weekly tradition where we order from each of our favorite restaurants on Doordash. Typically, the person that is oncall will get the benefit of selecting the restaurant to order from.

During lunch time, we love to mingle together at the dining area and hang out. It’s a great way for new hires to get to know the rest of the team members and for all of us to take a break from work.

🗄️ Daily standup, progress and updates

statsig daily standup

Shortly after we’re all done with lunch, we begin our daily standup. It’s typically a 30~60 minute meeting where we surround ourselves in front of a whiteboard where we have work items listed by each team members. Based on our product roadmap and feedback from our customers, we discuss priorities as well as the progress made on each work item.

The owner of the item provides updates and others ask questions whenever necessary. Once the work item is done, everyone claps to congratulate and acknowledge the hard work by that person. If it’s just half way done, we clap a single time to recognize the progress. If it’s not done yet, we continue working towards it. With the growing number of feature offerings and our customer feedback, our list of work items has been continuing to grow even more. Therefore, we’ve been increasing our pace and energy with getting more work items finished.

After we’re done with work item updates, we start going over our customer list. During this portion of the meeting, we mainly discuss about the next steps that we need to take with our potential, new and existing customers. We also discuss about any new feature requests and reported issues to determine the priority and ownership. For the ones that we were able to successfully tackle and resolve, we utilize our Slack channel to communicate with our customers and answer any additional ad hoc questions.

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🎮 Every Wednesday is game night

employes playing video games

Most of us at Statsig are ex-Facebook and almost all of us had worked on the Facebook Gaming team at some point. Therefore, we have a company tradition where we select a video game to play together on every Wednesday afternoon after we end work a little earlier than usual. In the past, we played Super Smash Bro and some indie games. Recently, we began playing League of Legends and it’s been a lot of fun (and painful!).

🧋 Every Friday is happy hour & demo

happy hour, demos, and bubble tea

As we wrap up Friday and head out for the weekend, we look back on our week by sharing some of our accomplishments in a demo meeting. Just before we start, we order happy hour snacks to enlighten the mood. The most popular option has been Boba tea from Happy Lemon (Vijaye is a huge fan of crystal boba). Sometimes, we mix things up by ordering something that we have never tried, like the Brazilian desserts.

🍖 Company-wide BBQ

statsig company barbecue

A few weeks back, we had our first outdoor company-wide BBQ. Summer in Seattle is perfect for any outdoor activities and we decided to take advantage of it. Tim and Tore cooked beef briskets, wings and ribs and we all brought other sides that everyone can enjoy. Coincidently, that was when we exceeded our goal for the number of customers and therefore, the timing of our first BBQ worked out pretty well. We had a ton of fun celebrating our wins and enjoyed the bonding time. In August, we’re looking forward to getting together for another outdoor company-wide BBQ!

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