On-Demand: Modern feature flags: Stress-free releases and automated experimentation

Tue Feb 28 2023

Morgan Scalzo

Community and Event Manager, Statsig

February was the month of feature flags! Last month we rolled out our new free feature management offering so naturally we wanted to dive deeper into why Statsig loves feature flags and why you should too.

This virtual meetup offered insight into some really interesting customer use cases, some history on Statsig’s SDK architecture, and answered all of our audience's hard-hitting questions.

Video: Modern Feature Flags: From stress-free releases to automated experimentation

About this virtual meetup:

Feature flags are table stakes when it comes to building and optimizing products.

Statsig product manager MA Seger and Engineering Lead Tore Hanssen discuss how feature flags work, best practices for using them, and what makes Statsig’s Feature Management offering unique.

They also cover some of the early architecture decisions Statsig’s SDK team made when building our feature flagging infrastructure, as well as how customers continue to evolve our platform in creative ways. Enjoy this on-demand viewing and we hope you can join us live in the future!

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