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Sat Aug 21 2021

“Culture” is a set of unwritten but well-understood code that helps people make 100s of daily decisions, big or small.

For early-stage startups, it is incredibly important to establish the proper culture early on. At Statsig, we understood that laying the foundation early on for the type of culture we wanted to build would help us grow and spread our core beliefs beyond any single one of us. Just as with anything else, we all came together and crafted a set of company values which would serve as building blocks for our culture.

An important trait of a good company value is that it codifies a tradeoff. And those tradeoffs are usually controversial because the thing that’s being traded off isn’t always bad. In the absence of controversial values, you’d end up with bland and generic statements that we all agree on like “Be honest” or “Be kind to others” which don’t need to live on a poster.

Lastly, we chose to stick with just 4 so everyone can easily remember them and use them as needed.

No Sacred Cats

Nothing at Statsig is to be taken for granted. If you see something that doesn’t make sense, you should question it. And if there isn’t a logical and reasonable explanation for it, you are free to change it. “This is how it’s always been” is not a good reason for anything.

Results Over Effort

We value the outcome and impact that comes out of the effort. We intentionally don’t focus on the effort that goes into getting that outcome. At our daily stand-ups, we only talk about what was accomplished and never how much work was done.

Find a Way or Make One

We empower everyone to find a way, any way, to get to the intended destination. If there are roadblocks along the way, we find a workaround or bulldoze through the roadblock. Giving up is terrible, but you know what’s worse? Stagnating.

For Builders By Builders

This one embodies who we are and who we are building Statsig for. We always want to make sure that the product we are shipping resonates with the builders of the world who are just like us. By focusing on the builders and making them more efficient we multiply the value we can create in this world.

What are your values? Post a screenshot of your values below!

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