Startup programs for early stage companies (living document)

Wed May 15 2024

Jack Virag

Editor in Chief, Statsig

Ian Ito

Business Operations, Statsig

At Statsig, we understand the challenges startups face.

We’re committed to supporting startup growth and innovation, which is why we've curated a list of top startup programs that offer invaluable resources, from free tools and technical support to vibrant communities and exclusive perks.

Whether you're scaling rapidly, or still in the early stages, these programs provide the foundation you need to build, test, and succeed.

Also, this isn’t a complete list, and we’ll be constantly updating it. If we missed any, let us know!

1. Statsig

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Statsig is the ultimate platform for product experimentation, feature flagging, and analysis. With cloud-based and warehouse-native solutions, Statsig supports a wide range of user needs. Their pricing model includes unlimited seats, free feature flags, and flexible deployment options.

The Be Significant startup program

Statsig’s "Be Significant" startup program offers a year of free access to their Enterprise tier for eligible startups. This includes priority support, advanced analytics, feature flags, A/B/n experiments, and extensive collaboration features. To qualify, startups must be less than two years old, have raised less than $20M, and employ fewer than 20 people.

Statsig Developer tier: For non-startups, Statsig offers a robust Developer tier with one million metered events per month and unlimited free feature flags. This tier includes feature launch impact analytics, A/B/n experiments, user targeting, staged rollouts, dynamic configs, and cross-team collaboration.

Statsig is dedicated to supporting builders by providing tools that enhance shipping speed and innovation. With free feature flags for all, most businesses will never need to pay for them.

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2. Okta for startups


Free identity tools for entrepreneurs.

The Okta for Startups program provides secure identity tools for managing employees, contractors, and partners through the Okta Identity Cloud.

Startups can manage access for up to 25 users, including single sign-on, automated provisioning/deprovisioning, and basic MFA.

The program offers one year of free access for up to 25 users with standard support.

3. DigitalOcean Hatch


Cloud infra for all.

Hatch is DigitalOcean’s global startup program providing cloud infrastructure necessary for startups to scale their businesses. Over 2,000 organizations use Hatch to build and scale innovative projects.

Support for startups:

  • Infrastructure credit: 12 months of varying credits based on partnerships.

  • Training: Access to one-on-one meetings with experts.

  • Prioritized support: 24/7/365 technical support with a 99.99% uptime SLA.

  • Community: Connect with founders, investors, and influencers online and at events.

Member perks:

Exclusive discounts, beta product access, and mentorship.

4. for bootstrapped companies


Bootstrapped email marketing. supports bootstrapped companies with big aspirations through its Bootstrapped Startup Program. The initiative focuses on helping early-stage businesses with large user bases or rapid growth by providing essential tools and support to scale effectively.

Plans and pricing:

  • Startup basic: Free for 12 months, includes up to 12,000 users and community support, valued at $1,800.

  • Startup +plus: $100/month for 12 months, includes up to 100,000 users, limited technical support, and onboarding assistance, valued at $12,000.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Raised less than $2 million in total funding.

  • Contact lists must be organically acquired.

  • Must not be a current or former customer.

Additional details:

The program initially accepts a small number of companies to ensure valuable support and aims to expand over time. Startups can apply and will be contacted upon acceptance into the program.

5. Twilio Segment for startups


Analytics for all.

Twilio's Segment Startup Program offers early-stage startups free access to Segment's analytics tools for up to two years. This includes $25,000 in Segment credits, $1 million in free software from partners like Amplitude and AWS, and access to exclusive startup resources.


  • One API: Simplifies data collection and reduces tracking code complexity.

  • $25,000 Segment Credits: Free for eligible startups.

  • Partner Discounts: Significant savings on tools like AWS, GitHub, Notion, HubSpot, and more.

Eligibility: Startups incorporated less than 2 years ago with up to $5MM in funding.

6. Linear for startups


Small companies, big workflows.

Linear offers an issue tracking tool that helps startups plan, build, and scale their products efficiently. Startups can get up to 6 months free access through the Linear Startup Program.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined Workflow: Manage tasks, bug reports, and projects with ease.

  • Team Momentum: Use Cycles to maintain velocity and focus on high-priority work.

  • Integrated Tools: Connect with Figma, GitHub, Slack, and more for seamless collaboration.


  • New Linear customer

  • Fewer than 50 employees

  • Affiliated with a Linear partner

7. Vonage for startups


Reach more customers quickly.

Vonage for Startups supports early-stage companies with tailored resources and up to €500 in API credits. This program aims to help startups build faster, reach more customers, and focus on core business activities by leveraging Vonage's communication APIs.


  • Learning Resources: Access to technical resources and curated content.

  • Tailored Support: Customized assistance to address startup challenges.

  • Community: Engage with other founders, developers, and advocates.

  • API Access: Utilize communication, authentication, and management APIs, along with programmable numbers.


  • Early-stage (Pre-Seed to Series A)

  • Founded in the past 5 years

  • Vonage API account required

  • Not an existing managed customer

8. Neo4j startup program


Database tech for entrepreneurs.

Neo4j supports startups by providing access to its graph database technology. The program includes a free Neo4j Enterprise license and Neo4j Aura™, their cloud offering, which is ideal for startups focused on building and scaling their businesses without managing infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Neo4j Aura™: Affordable cloud solution with out-of-the-box monitoring, upgrades, and backups.

  • Free Enterprise License: Includes Neo4j Enterprise for production, testing, and development environments.

  • Eligibility: Startups with ≤50 employees, ≤$3M annual revenue, and willingness to share their story.

Additional resources: Access to community forums for support, with options for discounted enterprise-class support.

9. Gitpod for startups


Startup cloud development.

Gitpod’s startup program offers up to 50% off on all services for up to 2 years, allowing startups to focus on building great products without worrying about local development environments. Gitpod enables efficient workflows, remote development, and seamless collaboration.


  • Discounted Access: 50% discount for up to 2 years.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Container-based development in the cloud.

  • Collaboration Tools: Pair programming, port forwarding, and workspace sharing.

  • Community Engagement: Join a thriving community of startups.


  • Raised ≤ $10M

  • Founded < 3 years ago

  • Not on a paid plan

10. Stytch for startups


Authentication solutions.

Stytch offers special deals for Y Combinator participants and AI startups with less than $10M in funding. Eligible startups can access advanced authentication solutions, including SSO, MFA, passwordless authentication, and fraud prevention tools. The program is designed to support B2B SaaS, e-commerce, fintech, and more.


  • Advanced Authentication: SSO, MFA, OAuth, and more.

  • Fraud Prevention: Device fingerprinting, authorization rules, and CAPTCHA.

  • Industry Solutions: Tailored for SaaS, ecommerce, fintech, Web3, and healthcare.

The end…?

This list is constantly growing. If you notice any startup programs missing from this list, please let us know, and we’ll add them.

Happy building! 🔨

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