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Wed Jun 05 2024

Sid Kumar

Product Marketing, Statsig

This year, we've introduced four powerful tools within our integrated platform to help startups go from logging their first metric on Day One to running hundreds of hypothesis-driven experiments as they scale.

When Statsig was founded in 2021 by a team of former Facebook engineers, our initial mission was clear: to democratize the sophisticated data tooling that fueled the growth of generation-defining tech companies. Over the past couple of years, rapidly growing companies like OpenAI, Figma, Notion, and Brex have leveraged Statsig to fuel their growth.

This year, a key focus for us has been developing tools specifically for earlier-stage teams -- aimed at lowering the barriers to driving product growth with data. This has led to launching new product lines specifically crafted for startups to begin iterating right from the start.

Four products in Statsig that are ideal for earlier stage companies

Below is an overview of a few new products we think are especially relevant to earlier stage teams just starting out on their journey to be more data-driven:

1. Web Analytics

For startups in their Beta/MVP phase, your landing page or marketing website is often ground zero for driving awareness and acquisition for your product.

With our Web Analytics, you gain immediate insights into core website metrics like page views, clicks, and errors—all with a single line of code. Just drop our JavaScript snippet onto your site, and you’ll have your first Growth Dashboard up in minutes!

Web Analytics screen

2. Session Replay

When you’re just getting started and are onboarding your first few users, aggregate metrics don’t provide a ton of value.

Our newly launched Session Replay tool provides qualitative product insights by letting you watch replays of user sessions, diagnosing where your customers are running into issues or confusion within your product.


Note: Statsig provides 10,000 free session replays per month for free, more than any other tool in the market.

3. Low-code Website Experimentation (Sidecar)

Once you identify drop-off points, you may want to test variants of messaging, calls to action (CTA), and other elements to quickly capture a user's attention and drive more conversions or trials.

Should our CTA button say “Get started today” or “Start your adventure now”? Is it better to use a video tutorial or a quick-start guide as a lead magnet?

Sidecar, our Chrome extension, enables your first Marketing/Growth hires—who may be less technical—to test various ideas without additional support, facilitating fast, self-serve iterations and early wins that drive momentum.

Sidecar Screenshot

4. Product Analytics

As more users engage with your app, your focus will naturally shift to deeper insights about product usage, such as Engagement and Retention metrics. Our Product Analytics empowers everyone in the organization with actionable insights at every stage of the product development cycle.

You can start developing a trusted library of metrics that acts as a central source of truth for everyone in the organization and continuously expand this library with metrics and dashboards accessible to everyone.

With Product Analytics, there’s a vast range of analytical capabilities you can leverage: from drilling down into your metrics, tracking retention between any two events, analyzing funnel progression, diving deep into user journeys, defining cohorts of users, and understanding how they engage with your product.

Product Analytics screenshot

Before you know it, you’ll begin targeting your growing user base with tailored experiences, testing the impact of every feature on core metrics with A/B tests, and making hypothesis-driven product development a part and parcel of your culture. And you can achieve this with our feature flags, dynamic configs, and advanced experimentation capabilities.

Get started today, and you’ll never have to rip and replace your data stack as you scale!

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Across ALL our product lines, some things stay the same

At Statsig, we strive to be your all-in-one data platform that scales with your business. As we continue expanding the capabilities of our platform, we have a few core principles that guide us:

  • Quick and easy to get started: We want getting started to be as easy as can be so you can jump right in. That's why we continue building new integrations, unlocking more out-of-the-box functionality like event autocapture, and remain maniacally focused on decreasing your time-to-value from the day you sign up.

  • A platform that grows with you: Your tools should scale as fast as your startup does. Our infrastructure is equipped to handle growth spurts, at the high-volume end serving massive platforms like OpenAI, Flipkart, and Atlassian, ensuring you won’t need to shop for new tools as your user base expands.

    It's not just about our infrastructure; we also scale in terms of the capabilities you need at each stage of your journey. Today, you might be looking to quickly log an event of interest, and a couple of years from now, your Data Scientist may require stratified sampling for more reliable results. We’ve got you covered!

  • Best-in-class value: We're rooting for you from the start. Our "Be Significant" Startup Program offers $50,000 in value, and as you grow, our events-based pricing remains straightforward and affordable, so you don't need to replace your data stack when you scale.

  • Everyone gets a say: Bring your whole team on board—yes, even the non-tech folks. We want to empower every stakeholder with data to move fast and measure impact, fostering a culture that values data at every decision point.

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